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Respected fathers and dear sirs,

Our craftshop ftom 1986 with deep faith in tradition
and orthodox is manufacturing works of art with enamel that are unique in quality,
functionality and have competing prices, real works of art that
decorate many temples in Greece and other countries. Our creations
with Lilly and Wine are prototype and are deeply influenced
from the Byzantine tradition.
Our experience has made us unique in construction
of museum replicas, in maintenance and repair of works of art and genrally
reparis of all the church items.
The products that are on our website are part of
our variety of products. ποικιλία των προϊόντων μας.
Our products are very high quality and the most important is that
our prices are competitive because we deal directly with the customers without any middle dealers.

For Smaltotechniki
Euaggelia Xristodoulou

For the visitors of, today we will introduce facts about the utensils that are used at our Religion.In Greece the first contact of the follower with the Holy utensils is perhaps when he first comes to the Church to worship, to participate in the Holy sequences....

Enamel is a glassy mass which is created from a mixture of silica salts and is colored with noble metals oxides. It is used as a decorative layer in objects and utensils of high value or gold.It is also called noble metals enamel.

Handcrafted enameled wires are baked in special ovens at 900 degrees and are all delivered goldplated with 24 carats gold.